Postal Service will keep Saturday mail

By: Kayla Bremer

For now, mail delivery will continue to be a 6-day-a-week service.

Wednesday morning the U.S. Postal Service backed down from its plan to eliminate Saturday mail delivery.

“Its great news for me because I do make a lot of purchases online so that extra day will make sure I'll get things earlier,” Brett Walburn said.

“It's just more convenience as far as Saturday,” Avin Mohammed said.  “Working full-time and going to school full-time, Saturday is the only days for me where I come and get my mail.”

The Postal Service originally planned to switch to 5–day–a–week deliveries beginning in August for everything except packages.

It's a plan they say would save about $2 billion a year.

But the Postal Board of Governors says Congress passed a spending bill last month that prevented reducing delivery days.

In a statement, it says…

“It is not possible for the Postal Service to meet significant cost reduction goals without changing its delivery schedule – any rational analysis of our current financial condition and business options leads to this conclusion.”

Kevin Hevelone, President of Nebraska State Association of Letter Carriers says he and many other carriers are thrilled with the decision to save Saturday delivery.

“Eliminating Saturday delivery doesn't open the door for more revenue, you know, we're a service organization and cutting your services just does not open the door for more revenue, it does the opposite, it decreases revenue,” Hevelone said.