Postponed Uncle Sam Jam goes without a hitch

They were delayed a day, but the fireworks at Lincoln's Uncle Sam Jam did not disappoint.  They went off for a full 22 minutes just after 10 o'clock Monday night at Oak Lake Park.

Jim Wrenholt of Lincoln went to see the show.  He says, “we always liked to see the fireworks. It's a nice evening and we enjoy the band and the music.”

An estimated 30,000 took in the good food, music and fun times all around.

The fireworks display had more than one ton of explosives.  Of the nearly 2,500 fireworks, about half of them were used in the grand finale.

John Stubbs, the show's lead pyro-technician says, “I know I enjoyed it.  I had goose bumps when I heard the music and choreographed this.”