Pothole problem not as bad this year?

Potholes are starting to pop up around town. But compared to last year, we're doing quite well on the number of potholes.  The city has received 72 pothole repair requests in the first 5 weeks of 2011.  That compares to nearly 3,000 during the same period last year.  The city says the weather this year has also helped control the problem.  As the temperature starts to heat up–well be seeing more and more of them.

Potholes are popping up around town, and driver's are already starting the dodging and swerving game out on the roadways hoping not to mess up their alignment or tires by hitting a hole.

“Well you do worry about it a little bit you try to avoid them but sometimes you can't and that's just part of spring around here something you learn to live with,” Doug Bell said.

“They're pretty annoying they're hard on your vehicles,” Lloyd Otto said.

And hitting these potholes can also hit you hard in the pocketbook. Blown out tires are the number one cause of damage. Driving over a shallow pothole can cost over $150 dollars for a replacement. A direct hit to a medium size crater can break a muffler costing as much as $500 dollars. And falling victim to the mother of all potholes…can run you $2,000 bucks for a replaced suspension system.

“We'll I'm not excited about potholes though we really haven't had too many yet and I think as the weather starts getting warmer we'll see more.”

Last year, crews in Lincoln patched over 80,000 potholes.  Public works crews took additional steps over the summer so this year wouldn't be as bad–and driver's are noticing the extra effort.

If you see a pothole, call Public Works at 441– 7646 they can provide a quick fix within 72 hours.