Prescription Drug Take Back Day Saturday

By: Melina Matthes

Many people have old, unused medications sitting in their cabinets at home. Now the push is on to get rid of them! 

A program will be held this Saturday morning to help you get rid of any unwanted prescription medications. It's a free and anonymous.  It's been making headlines, teenagers abusing prescription drugs.

“A friend's little girl got a hold of some Vicodin and they had to take her to the emergency room to pump her stomach and ya know she could've died,” Stella McCarther said.

12-year-old Serena Garrett did die, almost a month ago, after police say she took someone else's prescription drugs for a headache.

“I think there's a misconception that prescription medications are safe for anyone to take at any time….it's really important that patients only take medications that have been prescribed to them,” Marcia Mueting of the Nebraska Pharmacists Association said.

The Center for Disease Control says over the last 9 years teen prescription drug abuse has increased over 90%, another important reason why keeping your old prescriptions in the medicine cabinet is no longer an option. Saturday is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. It's an initiative led by the Drug Enforcement Administration. It's a chance for you to bring prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs to six pharmacies around town for proper disposal.

“Really it's a good program, just to prevent those drugs from being abused, sold, misused…often these drugs languish in medicine cabinets or in kitchen cupboards for years and our goal is to just to safely remove them and destroy them so that they cannot be abused,” Officer Katie Flood said.

In the past people were told to get rid of their unused medications by flushing them down the toilet; however the CDC deemed that hazardous. Now, they ask that you take them to the local pharmacy so they can be properly destroyed.

You can bring your old medications to the following locations for disposal from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 28th.

CVS Pharmacy at 4800 'O' Street. CVS Pharmacy at 1401 Superior. Walgreens at 84th And Holdrege. Walgreens at 2630 Pine Lake Drive. And Walgreens at 70th and Pioneers Blvd., and Lincoln Neighborhood Pharmacy at 68th and O streets.