President Obama’s Speech: Local Reaction

There were many schools across the nation that did choose to listen to President Obama's speech, including right here in Lincoln.

Lincoln Public Schools actually gave the teachers the option of whether or not they wanted to show it, they also gave students the option of whether they wanted to see it.

Tuesday President Obama and education was in the curriculum for a Southwest AP World History Class.  It was taped, but these Sophomores listened to the entire 20 minute speech.

But the speech wasn't the only thing teacher Travis Brady wanted his students to listen to, he wanted them to listen to one another.  Find out if they thought there was political bias and what the actual purpose was.

Topics that created controversy when Obama decided to speak to the students.

Students were warned ahead of time just in case they weren't willing to listen to Obama's speech only one student choose to opt out and was given a different assignment.

Some were inspired and others said the message was intended for students who weren't so eager to learn.

Since each teacher was given the option of whether they wanted to show the script, there are no specific numbers on how many students actually saw it.

If you would like to read the script you can go to