Press Release – July 10, 2007

Lincoln, NE, July 10, 2007 – SouthPointe Family Physicians, P.C Wellness & Aesthetics, a cosmetic medical practice in Lincoln, NE. has announced its acquisition of the newly FDA approved SmartLipo Laser System. This revolutionary advance in liposuction technology allows for the permanent removal of unwanted and exercise resistant fat with little if any “down time.” The procedure is safer and gentler than traditional liposuction and is done in the office with only a local anesthetic. Common areas of treatment include: the abdomen, “love handles”, inner and outer thighs, neck and chin, knees, and upper arms. SmartLipo differs from traditional tumescent liposuction in that SmartLipo uses a small high powered laser to precisely sculpt the area being treated. Traditional liposuction uses high powered suction to indiscriminately rip out fat cells, along with other body tissues such as: nerves, collagen fibers and blood vessels. Additionally, the laser's thermal energy produces a tightening effect on the overlying skin, thus reducing the need for additional invasive surgeries to remove excess skin. The entire procedure takes 1-2 hours to perform, and patients may resume normal activity with the exception of strenuous exercise as early as the same afternoon.

Traditional liposuction is the most commonly performed cosmetic medical procedure in the United States with over 324,000 cases performed each year according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “SmartLipo is an advanced technology whose precision, gentleness, and safety will allows it to replace traditional tumescent liposuction,” says Richard Moore, Medical Director for The Lifestyle Center.

The SmartLipo Laser is manufactured by Cynosure Laser Inc., and is in extremely high demand. This new procedure has been featured in People magazine (“Has Fat Met Its Match?”), and on Good Morning America, the Today Show and Access Hollywood and is quickly becoming the next latest craze among aesthetic medicine and its exponentially increasing population of clientele. SouthPointe Family Physicians, P.C Wellness & Aesthetics will be the first facility in Nebraska to offer this revolutionary procedure.

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