Primary election results

A few candidates in Lincoln elections are eliminated after Tuesday's primaries in Lincoln.

Notably, Deena Winter is out of the race for District 3's seat on city council.  Incumbent Jonathan Cook maintained a significant lead all night and finished with 54.45% of the vote.  He'll meet Travis Nelson, who secured 24.06% after a tight race with Winter, who finished with 21.35%.

Other races, including the mayoral race and three other seats on city council, simply advanced opponents onto next month's general election.

Mayor Chris Beutler won 66.32% of the vote, but says it's no sure sign how he'll fare in the general election.  He says he'll continue working hard and living by what he's had success with in the past.  “We've worked hard for four years.  We've done a lot of things and we're being positive and getting our story out about what we've been doing and how we've been spending our time.  We think that should be the message to the people of Lincoln.”

His challenger, Tammy Buffington received 33.32% of the vote.  She says she's ready for the challenge ahead.  “People do call it a 'David v. Goliath' race,.  We knew this was going to be a different race but that doesn't mean it's impossible. It's happened all across the country many times over, so we're just hoping to make it a good race.”

The general election is May 5.

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