Prison Escapee Caught In Omaha

A police shootout in mid-town Omaha results in the capture of an escaped convict. Just before two o'clock Saturday afternoon, a State Patrol Officer spotted Michael McGuire. McGuire escaped from a Tecumseh hospital on Tuesday…after he went into a bathroom, and then came out with what looked like a gun. It turns out that could have simply been toilet-paper made to look like a gun. Saturday the escapee was captured, but not before 'actual' gunfire was exchanged on a busy Omaha street. It was a tip into the Nebraksa State Patrol dispatcher, that led to McGuire's capture. The tip coming from a man who says McGuire held him captive. Police say McGuire's arrest was the result of a tip. They say a man called in saying he had been held for the last three days at his Omaha apartment by McGuire. It was a State Patrolman who spotted McGuire's silver Mercury Sable rental car. The State Patrolman and members of the Omaha Police Department followed McGuire into a parking lot near 48th and Dodge. The escapee then got out and fled on foot. But not before firing some shots. One shell casing was found in a nearby coffee shop…that was where McGuire took shelter, before being taken into custody. Saturday night, McGuire is in the Omaha Correctional Center. Fortunately, no one was injured in Saturday's capture. Police are not releasing the name of the man who tipped off police and who claims McGuire held him captive. An interesting point is that McGuire was driving a rental car when he was spotted by the State Patrol Officer. Police are very curious to see how he was able to get that rental car. The State Patrol says they will finish their investigation, before charging McGuire with any additional crimes. He's already serving 71 to 193 years for rape, robbery, possession of a firearm, and kidnapping.