Prisoner Of War Speaks Out

The Iraqi military has a history of mis-treating prisoners of war. American soldiers captured during the Persian Gulf war were often beaten and otherwise mis-treated. On Sunday former P-O-W's are telling President Bush to end this war quickly. There are more than 50-thousand ex-prisoners of war living in the United States, and they can recall stories of gross neglect and abuse. At the hand of captors, they say the pictures of American Soldiers captured today look all too familiar.

Air Force Pilot Robert Yeager spent the coldest winter in German history, locked in an army prison camp. Yeager says remaining prisoners can expect to be interrogated, and could face torture to turn over key military information. Yeager says Adolf Hitler was the reason world-war two P-O-W's were so mis-treated. He hopes that the Sad dam Hussein regime will be a little more civil.