Project Impact Day at Union College

Posted By: Alden German

Thursday was Union College’s Project Impact Day, something they do every year to give back to the community. Some activities included serving food, sorting inventory at Goodwill, and landscaping.

Project Impact is a day when past and present students and staff take time to lend a helping hand. They’ve been going to Prescott Elementary the last ten years to help with their outdoor classrooms. Even students from Skyview Academy helped this year. It gave the students a different learning experience.

"It’s so great for them to, first of all, just learn how to work. Get some great work skills, life skills, and learn how to serve others in the process. It’s just a wonderful win–win situation," said Tabitha Coto, a Skyview Learning Academy teacher and alumna. 

The children and adults helped with weeding, mulching, and general clean up as the school prepares to put things away for winter.

"They’ve been so great! They are eager, they are excited, we have a dead tree that needed to come out and the boys are like ‘we got this!’ and they’re yanking it out and using, you know, all the equipment and they’ve been fantastic," said Robin Klipper-Fischbein, Registrar at Prescott Elementary.

By getting children involved, Union College is optimistic that they’ll want to help again and gain a passion for giving back.

"Now that I’m not in – not a student at Union anymore, now I get to pass on that spirit of helping others to my students and help them become better citizens," Coto says.

Union College has been doing their Project Impact for nearly four decades and have had over 21,000 volunteers through the years.