Proposed Power Line In Hickman

There's concern in the town of Hickman.

The Norris Public Power District is planning to build a transmission power line through the town. But some people are upset about the location and the potential dangers associated with it. The company says currently only one line connects the town to power, we saw several situations this past winter where an ice storm torn down major power lines, which connect major areas to substations. Towns were left in the dark for weeks. But residents in Hickman say they don't want to risk the  dangers that a major transmission power line has.

The Norris Public Power District is planning to put in a four and a half mile long transmission line before the winter storm season. Angie Schroeder and Aimee Baumann understand that the population in the area has grown, but they say a 90 foot steel pole that generates over 34-thousand volts isn't safe for their town. Some residents say they have researched the dangers of E-M-F, or electronic magnetic field. The stronger the voltage, the more magnetic force it gives off. But Norris Public Power District says because the lines are  90 feet in the air, they don't pose a risk. They also say that research shows there is more E-M-F in homes, from electric currents like microwaves, than there is if you would stand around a pole. Randy Evans with Norris Public Power District says the power substation is located right in the town of Hickman, and says they have to go in the town, but won't go over any homes or structures. They also want to utilize existing line routes, and plan to build right along the road. This backup transmission line wont raise rates, it was already put in the budget.