Proposed Theater Getting Mixed Reviews

A 12-screen movie theater complex near 84th and Highway-2 in southeast Lincoln has been proposed. However, the idea is being met with mixed reviews. City-policy says theater complexes with more than six screens can not be built outside the downtown area. That 20 year old policy is being challenged. Some think the downtown-area should be protected as an entertainment district. But others think the convenience of having a multi plex closer to their neighborhood is just the ticket for them. The Eiger Corporation wants to build a 12 screen complex in the southeast Lincoln shopping area anchored by the current Wal-mart super center. So flyers have been mailed to the public, soliciting support for the project and a change in the 6-screen limitations. However, Lincoln Mayor Coleen Seng has told city council members that she objects to the flyers because they are inaccurate and do not indicate who sent them. The mayor says she is not opposed to a new theater complex, outside downtown, as long as it stays within the 6-screen limit. A public hearing on the issue has been scheduled for next Monday's city council meeting.