Prosecution and Defense Rest Their Case in Iromuanya Murder Trial

On Friday, both the prosecution and defense rested their case in the murder trial of Lucky Iromuanya. Iromuanya is charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of UNL soccer player Jenna Cooper.

The defense actually rested it's case without calling any witnesses or presenting any further evidence, ending the trial that began last week and setting the stage for closing arguments. From the opening statements this hasn't been a case of who done it, it's been a case of intent. The prosecution contending Iromuanya intentionally fired a gun at Nolan Jenkins. That bullet grazed his head and stuck Jenna Cooper, killing her. The prosecution rested its case Friday and immediately after, so did the defense. 

Attorney's met with Judge Colburn Friday to discuss what instructions the jury will be given following closing arguments on Monday. Although the options aren't officially finalized, it appears the jury will have at least three options; a verdict of not guilty, convicting Iromuanya of second degree murder or a lesser conviction of involuntary manslaughter.