Public input on intersection designs

By: Cole Miller 

A trio of busy southwest Lincoln intersections are set to get a major overhaul. Many people say the intersections at 14th Street, Old Cheney Road and Warlick Boulevard desperately need renovation. The city agrees and hopes they'll soon have a plan to go forward with.
On any given day, more than 25,000 cars and trucks will make their way through the intersection at 14th and Old Cheney. And for those who use the road on a daily basis, it can be a big headache.

“sometimes in the morning, in the evening, the traffic can back up for 3 blocks and the city really needs to do something to alleviate that problem,” concerned driver Kent Johnson said.

Sounds like the perfect time for a little competition, and that's exactly what the city is doing. On Thursday, three engineering firms presented their remedies to the 14th Sstreet-Warlick Boulevard-Old Cheney Road illness.
“I think any of these projects will help considerably more,” driver John Barber said.

The first one, from the folks at HDR, looks to move traffic off of Old Cheney using free flowing movements and signalized intersections.

The second option, from the Schemmer Team, looks to use phases, that, over time, can be built to accommodate traffic. It also has little impact on local businesses.

Behind door number three? The FHU plan. They propose an elevated roundabout, separating north/south traffic from east/west traffic. The team says it could be an iconic feature for southwest Lincoln.

But the biggest voice in this whole project is yours! The city wants your feedback to make the renovation a success.
“We want this to work out good for everybody in the city. Whether you're close or whether you're coming through here just once in awhile. We want it to be the best solution for all of the community,” Public Works engineer Thomas Schafer said.
The city is hoping to pick its plan before the end of the year with construction beginning in 2014. The project costs range from $15 million to $21 million.

Visit and use keyword: Warlick to see the designs, as well as more information on each plan.