Public meeting tonight regarding Lincoln Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service will hold a public meeting to discuss its proposal to move some mail processing operations from Lincoln to Omaha.

The Lincoln Postal facility serves Lincoln and 130 communities in the area.  It is under a study that could move part or all of the processing operations to Omaha.  The AMP (Area Mail Processing) study data was collected April 8-April 29, 2011.

With the deep decline in mail volume due to current economic conditions and continuing electronic diversion, the Postal Service has an excess of employees and equipment in some mail processing operations. 

Postal workers opposed to the move say this will affect hundreds of jobs and Lincoln would lose its postmark.  Lincoln would become the only capital city in the nation without it's own postmark.

The public can attend the meeting and give their input on the study and possible outcomes of the study.

Public Input Meeting:

6 p.m. Thursday – June 2, 2011  

Firefighters Reception Hall       241 Victory Lane