Public Works prepared for winter weather

Posted By: Sarah Fili

Lincoln Public Works says they’re prepared for snow, whether it’s a little or a lot!

They say around midnight Thursday night they started laying down brine on major streets around Lincoln, like Highway Two, 9th and 10th street, which wrapped up around 6 a.m. Friday morning. By rush hour they expected to have all the main roads around Lincoln coated in the solution.

The solution has beet juice in it that makes it harder for snow to stick to roads.

If we do see some snow piling up on the streets Public Works says they’ve got crews on standby through Saturday to clear the way with plows. We aren’t seeing much now in Lincoln, but up North, snowfall is causing a headache for drivers in Sioux Falls South Dakota.

There were slick conditions and snow covering the road. Friday morning alone they had more than 65 crashes in just a few hours.

Again here in Lincoln the storm won’t have as large of an impact, but as you’re making travel plans, be prepared to slow down in case of snow.