Puppy Bowl XIV

 Dan Schachner, host and referee of Animal Planet's annual "Puppy Bowl," says this season ups the ante with the addition of a sloth.   "I've got a sloth as an assistant this year because I really needed help and I decided to make it as difficult as possible by getting the slowest animal on the planet to be my assistant. Because why not? Let's up the comedy and the chaos, right?" said Schachner.   Along with the sloth assistant, "Puppy Bowl XIV" will feature 90 adoptable pups, many of which are rescues from hurricane-devastated areas.   "We have 90 dogs. That's a record for us, from all over the country. 48 different shelters participated this year. International dogs for the first time from Mexico. We always had Puerto Rico, which is part of the country, but this time we got Mexico. You know we tried to showcase areas that were devastated by natural disasters: Mexico, Houston, of course, Puerto Rico and Florida. So we're really happy to showcase those and give those shelters in that area a little bit of a lift. And I'm proud to say that we're going to have 100 percent adoption rate just like every other year," he said.   The latest competition also features a new and improved stadium.   "'Puppy Bowl XIV' is going to be our biggest and greatest event. The cutest competition on four legs. This year we are pulling out all the stops. First of all, we have a brand-new stadium, fully redesigned top-to-bottom. It's bone shaped, which you know if you see it from the aerial camera, Hamster Blimp Cam, you will be able to see the bone shape, which is really exciting," he said.The puppies head into their match on Super Bowl Sunday, February 4th.