Puppy stolen in home burglary, then reunited with family

Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

When Chris Lupercio’s home was broken into Saturday, there was a lot of damage to the home, and several items stolen. 

But the biggest loss of all was the family’s new ten-week old puppy named Simba. 

The family took to social media, posting photos of Simba, hoping someone would recognize the dog. But Lupercio didn’t have much hope. 

"All the sudden this girl calls my daughter and says, ‘Well I bought my dog last night and I see you guys were looking for a dog that’s missing, and it looks just like this one.’"

He met the woman at a McDonald’s in Lincoln, and sure enough, she had Simba. 

"To get him back was pretty cool. Having support and friends out there sharing and posting our post, that’s what got our dog back," Lupercio said. 

Especially after all his kids had been through with the burglary, Lupercio said they were scared to even be in their own home. 

"It hurt me. We were literally trying to find a way to get the dog back and we got him back and the kids are happy now." 

The suspect did also steal their rent money, tablets, a tattoo gun, children’s toys and 100 pairs of Victoria’s Secret underwear. 

Police are still investigating.