Quick Glossary of Services

Botulinum Toxin (Botox®)
Botox consists of small amounts of protein designed to weaken facial muscles and soften – if not eliminate – wrinkles associated with aging. Botox is the number one esthetic procedure in North America. 

Cellulite Reduction through Celluwave Technology
Revitalift is proud to be the first office in Nebraska to provide this new technology that involves no pain and no needle. Utilizing a ballistic pressure head to improve the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks, legs, and stomach, the acoustic waves from this device disrupt the schleroitic bands that cause cellulite. It is a less invasive procedure with phenomenal results.

Chemical Peels
When combined with microdermabrasion and other technologies at Revitalift Aesthetic Center, our staff can provide patients with skin treatments ranging from the superficial epidermal peels to the mid-depth dermal peels for treating scars and pigmentation disorders, leaving you with a completely new fresh complexion. 

Cosmeceuticals and Medical Grade Skin Care Products
We have several lines of skin care products that can address every skin disorder. We are particularly proud of our association with the SkinMedica® skin care line, which can be designed and packaged to fit each customer's needs.

In addition, we have Obagi®, which is designed specifically to help our acne and pigmented patients. It works by boosting functions of the skin at a cellular level. This improves the skin's cellular function to make it look and act younger and healthier.

Remember, acne is a recurring disease and any improvement must be maintained with a physician-grade home acne maintenance program. 

Intense Pulsed Light (Prolite II®)
Utilizing a flashlamp light that reduces vascular and pigemented lesions, IPL improves skin color and tone. This is the treatment of choice for Rosacea patients and is helpful in treating pigmentation and age spots.

Laser Hair Reduction (Mediostar XT®)
Laser Hair Reduction is the newest laser technology to safely and effectively reduce unwanted hair in all skin types and is the number one laser procedure in America. 

Mesotherapy is an established European medical technology which Revitalift is proud to provide. It is a non-surgical technique that reduces cellulite and stubborn fat pockets, resulting in a smoother and firmer appearance on your skin. Great for legs, abs, and buttocks.

Microdermabrasion is a gentle abrading of the skin to remove old and damaged epidermis. It leaves skin with a youthful feeling and aids other technologies (i.e. IPL) and cosmeceuticals.

Pedidermabrasion is a medical grade procedure that combines gentle exfoliation using medical microdermabrasion. The procedure addresses the condition of the foot, improving the texture and helps to rid away severe callused areas that dry and cause cracking of the heels. A chemical peel specifically chosen for you is then applied to further the exfoliation of the skin, resulting in smoother, softer, touchable skin.

Skin analysis and treatment
We have the Profect® photodocumentation system. Our trained providers or clinicians use this technology to help you determine the best treatment strategy for your skin and follow it along so you can see the results! 

Vein Treatments
Revitalift Aesthetic Center is proud to provide experienced and trained medical staff in venous treatments combined with the latest in laser vein technology. Schedule a medical consult today to determine if you are a candidate. 

Wrinkle Fillers/Filler Injections (Restylane®, Radiesse®, Botox® )
Filler Injections consist of hylauronic acid to soften and fill wrinkles, scars and other facial defects.