Race For Governor Gets Heated

Illegal immigration has been a hot topic across the country lately.

Now, the issue is making it's way into the Governor's race.

The latest daily tracking poll by M.S.R. of Omaha shows Governor Dave Heineman
and Congressman Tom Osborne both have about 43-percent of the support of likely
Republican voters.

The poll has a four percent margin of error.

Omaha businessman Dave Nabity is at six percent.

With seven percent undecided.

Friday, Nabity was speaking out about what he's calling “misleading
advertising,” on the part of Governor Heineman.

This all revolves around a new law, which allows the children of illegal
immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Nebraska Universities, as long as they
meet certain requirements.

Governor Heineman vetoed the bill.

But, lawmakers had enough votes to override

It's a campaign ad that's drawing criticism.

Both Tom Osborne and Dave Nabity think the ad, and other campaign materials,
have been mis-characterizing their views on immigration.

Both are in favor of stricter laws.

At issue, the missing word “children” in ads that address the candidates'
views on the in-state tuition bill.

Both Osborne and Nabity say Heineman was wrong to veto the bill, which allows
the children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition provided they have a
Nebraska High School diploma or G.E.D.

They must also have lived in Nebraska for at least three
years, and pledge to seek legal residency.

Nabity wants even stricter requirements.

Feeling the heat, the Osborne campaign released a new commercial Friday.

Osborne says prior to the tuition bill, children of illegal immigrants were
paying in-state tuition with no restrictions.

That's a claim questioned by Senator Dianna Schimek of Lincoln.

She sponsored the bill.

She says there was no standard for Universities to follow.

Things were done on a case by case basis.

Meanwhile, Governor Heineman is defending his ads.

He says “there's nothing misleading about the truth.”

He says the bill offers in state tuition to people who are in this country
illegally, and those people cannot legally hold a job in Nebraska after

Heineman's campaign manager maintains Osborne and Nabity are backing away
from their positions on the bill.

They say, the children are already here and shouldn't be punished.

Remember, the primary election is this coming Tuesday.