Race for NRD Board of Directors not on ballot in York

By: Jenn Schanz

Becky Roesler waited anxiously Tuesday evening to hear the results of the Primary Election. She ran for the Big Blue Natural Resources District Board of Directors.

But as the evening went on, she noticed something was off. 

“I thought it was odd that York County was not reporting,” she says.

That’s because York had left that race off the ballot.

I spoke to the Kelly Turner, York County Clerk over the phone. She says the whole thing was a mistake.

“We inadvertently omitted it on the ballot. We did our best to fix the situation. We made a separate ballot to be taken to the affected polling locations,” says Turner.

York County realized the problem the morning of the Primary, and by the afternoon, the affected districts had a supplementary ballot with the NRD race on it.

But for the 400 early voters, they won’t get a chance to weigh in.

Out of three candidates, Becky came in last, but by a very small margin.

“I had only lost by 22 votes. Great, now what.”

Only the top two candidates move onto the General Election ballot. York County is working with the Secretary of State’s Office to address the problem. They say it’s now going before the State Canvas Board in June.

Becky says she has faith in the system, but hopes there will either be a special election, or that all three candidates will advance to run in November.