Rain Dampens Fair Turnout

The Nebraska State Fair continues to see a low rate of attendance. Unbearable temperatures kept a lot of people from attending the annual fair earlier this week. And now that cooler weather is finally here Mother Nature deals another blow in the form of rain. Sunday, showers looked like they would keep most people from hitting State Fair Park… But surprisingly there were some die hard fans who didn't let rainfall stand in their way. The battle plan for the brave was to tackle the weather head on. Fair employees say during the week business was pretty slow, which could be attributed to the heat. The small crowds are hitting food vendors where it hurts, their pocketbooks. Most of the folks serving up funnel cakes and cotton candy work on commission…meaning low crowds mean poor sales…translating into a small paycheck. Most believe it's rebound potential has to do with the die-hards…the folks that turn out to support the fair, even on not so nice days. The state fair will soon get more financial support. A new law went into affect Sunday, allowing tax payers to earmark one dollar of their tax money to go to the state fair. If you still haven't got a chance to make it…you'll have to hurry. The state fair runs through Monday.