Rally at capitol Wednesday regarding health care reform

President Donald Trump is promising the nation a new and improved healthcare plan. 

"Health care is working along very well," Trump said.

"You’re going to have a big surprise, with a great healthcare package."

Not everyone thinks the new plan is a winner – including in Lincoln. 

Dozens rallied at the capitol to voice their objections to the bill, and to urge Nebraska senators Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer not to vote for it.

"The bottom line is we want our senators to know loud and clear they need to think first and be loyal first not to their party, but to the people of Nebraska – and vote against this bill," said Cathy Lohmeier, a rally organizer.

"Because it’s going to hurt Nebraskans."

Attendees say the proposed health care plan would provide unnecessary tax cuts for the wealthy, as well as cut medicaid and make it nearly impossible for people to find affordable care.

That’s something that horrifies Holly Taylor.

Her 5 year-old son, Eisley, has had five brain surgeries to help correct a deformed skull.

"It’s hard. Because you never know, when you hand your child over, if that’s the last time you’re going to see them," Taylor said.

Holly and her husband have paid tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills for their son.

They fear that the new plan will deprive him of the care he needs.

"This isn’t just affecting the bottom line or the bottom dollar, this is affecting people’s lives," Taylor said.

"If my son hadn’t had the surgery he had, it would have been completely detrimental to his life."

The bill has a difficult road ahead, with several g-o-p senators saying they will not vote for it.

President Trump says the hope is to have a revised plan for senators to look over during the Fourth of July break.