Rally Commemorates 50 Year Anniversary Of Brown V. Board Of Education

It was 50 years ago that the Supreme Court's Brown vs. The Board of Education decision outlawed racial segregation in U.S. schools, Monday. This landmark anniversary was observed across the country today. Thousands gathered in Topeka, Kansas at the school that gave rise to the ruling. Both President Bush and his democratic rival, John Kerry were on hand as Monroe Elementary was transformed into a national historic site. In 1954, the High Court used that school and one of its students as an example of how segregated schools were unconstitutional.

The anniversary was also celebrated in Lincoln. Despite intermittent rain showers, a large crowd gathered in front of Lincoln's Federal Building early Monday evening. It was called “Stand Up For Community – Rally Against Racism”. About 150 people showed up to observe the anniversary and listen to speakers talk about the positive impact the city's ethnic and cultural diversity has on the community.