Raymond Fire Burns For 13 Hours

It took firefighters 13 hours to distinguish a fire witnesses describe as devastating. Now, we're taking a look at just what is left of one family's home in Raymond.

Firefighters got the call late Saturday night and they worked until the morning to put it out. This is all that is left of a beautiful 3–story home located on north 14th street in Raymond.

Firefighters got a call last night saying the home was engulfed in flames. According to the sheriff's report the family was not home when the fire started but they did arrive a short time later.

Several neighbors say the flames could be seen for miles. Dave Grant witnessed the fire. He says, “when I first got up I was trying to figure out where they were at and then I glanced across the road and I saw the fire reaching up into the sky there.”

Several different fire departments responded to the blaze. Firefighters had to relay water because the home sits about a quarter mile from the road. They worked well into this morning to make sure everything was under control. “About 6:00 there was still a little bit of smoke you could see coming off of it and everything and they were still down there and there were a lot of vehicles,” Grant says.

Fire officials say the home, which was valued at more than $600,000, is a total loss. Neighbors say they're praying for the family. “well I hope that they're able to get everything resituated and rebuilt if that's what they want to do and everything.”

The investigation into what caused this fire is now in the hands of the Nebraska Fire Marshall.