Rebecca Gonzalez Says She Won’t Give Up Finding Son’s Body

It was a year ago Monday when the search for 4 year old Brendan Gonzalez was called off. During that year his mother Rebecca hasn't given up hope her son's body will be recovered, so she can finally come to terms with his death. Rebecca tells Channel 8 Eyewitness News she lives her life day by day. Sometimes things start to look-up, but she says the pain in her heart will never go away until her son's body is found. Rebecca said, “When you have a child you never feel alone. I feel very alone.”

It's been almost two years since Rebecca's son Brendan was taken from her life, and everyday the void in her heart gets bigger and bigger. “I would love to crawl in a corner and call it quits,” says Rebecca. Last year Rebecca's hopes of finding her son's body were shattered. Hundreds of people searched the Sarpy County landfill after Brendan's father Ivan Henk admitted to throwing the boy's body in a trash bin that was dumped in Sarpy County. Henk is charged with Brendan's death. But after months of finding nothing at the landfill the search was called off.

Rebecca is now focusing on Ivan Henk's trial. His attorney recently announced Henk would plead insane as part of his defense, but Rebecca doesn't buy it. She said, “Insanity is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. If he didn't know wrong then why didn't he tell everyone what he did on January 6th. Why did he put the blame on me and my friends?”

Rebecca has tried to start up the search again, but authorities say they can't devote the time unless they had a better understanding of where the body was located..