Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle will stay in office.

Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle will keep his job.

All he needed in Tuesday's recall election was a simple majority and that's what he got.  51.1% of voters voted against the recall.  That put 48.9% in favor of it.

It was a big day for ballot boxes all across Omaha.  One voter at Hitchcock Elementary told us, “I do think it's an embarrassment to Omaha that we have to go through all this.”

But the steady stream of voters said, embarrassing or not, people wanted their voices heard.

Shawn Spencer voted to recall Suttle.  He says, “I'm glad we live in a country where we can change our mind once in a while and take a look at someone who came on board and not live up to the expectations, in this case, and be able to have a chance to fix it.”

Steve Strohn is against the recall.  “We don't recall politicians.  If you don't agree with them, just don't reelect them.  The mess that would create in Omaha would be not worth it.  He inherited a lot of the problems, too.”

Recall threats are common in Omaha, but rarely do they reach it this far.  Suttle's recall election was the first of its kind since 1987.