Recent fights have campers on edge

By: Hannah Paczkowski

Two separate incidents at Branched Oak Lake, Wednesday. In each case, a man was sent to the hospital. This weekend, park officials estimate thousands of campers will be out at those campgrounds. They said they’re prepared for any kind of rough-housing.

“We have campground hosts that are there and if there is a problem, we call the Sheriff’s Office, or they call me, or they call the conservation officer, and we do our best to take care of that issue,” parks superintendent Tom Morrison said.

Some campers said they’re not worried, even when a piece of fabric is the only thing separating them from the outdoors.

“I’ve never had a problem, I used to camp by myself with my little kids,” Johnette Shonk said.

Shonk is spending the weekend at Branched Oak Lake with her family, she said she’s not afraid of the people outside her tent.

“We don’t know them and we’re having dinner with them later, it’s fun,” she said pointing to her camping neighbors.

If you do have a problem with noise, or even something as extreme as fights like earlier this week, the best thing to do is get out your phone and call 911 or the Sheriff’s Office at 402-441-6500.

Deputies said they don’t believe the incidents at the campground are related.