Record-breaking road construction

Posted by: Laurann Robinson

Today Mayor Chris Beutler introduced what he's calling the "summer of progress"… one of the largest street construction investments in the city's history…

Mayor Beutler announced the city's plan to improve 24 miles of streets this year, more than double the number of miles completed last year.

"We are scheduled to spend 55 million dollars over the next two years in reconstructing, widening and improving major arterials," said Mayor Beutler.

The primary source of funds for these projects used to be the federal gas tax, but since it hasn't increased in 20 years, Lincoln has to rely more on local wheel tax dollars.

And when the final accounting of the Antelope Valley project showed 10 million dollars in savings, those funds went to current street maintenance as well.

Beutler added, "we're spending more annually now on our streets than ever before."

Today, construction on Van Dorn, between 40th and 48th was added to the laundry list of other locations dotted with orange cones.

"Van Dorn has been going on from 33rd to 40th for the first part of the summer, right after school got out. We're working to get the piece in front of the school done first, and we're moving from 40th over to 48th. That should be finished up yet this fall," said Thomas Shafer with Public Works.

Mayor Beutler also said the city's long range transportation plan is scheduled to be updated next year, so the public input process will start sometime this summer.