Recreational vehicle safety

By: Hannah Paczkowski

Five children between the ages of three and 16 were trapped under a four-wheeler Thursday.

Star City Motor Sports says many recreational vehicles require the same rules for passenger safety.

“Wearing the proper gear is one of the most important things, DOT approved helmet, long–sleeved shirt, full jeans, boots, gloves, kind of at the minimal,” sales manager Casey Sadler said.

Chest protectors and actual motorcycle gear is also recommended when driving a recreational vehicle.

You don't need to have a license to drive a recreational vehicle or an ATV. Finding the vehicle that fits in your age group can be a matter of life and death.

“The biggest issue with ATVs altogether is that you need to get the right size ATV for the right aged person, it can be too heavy it falls on top of you,” Sadler said.

Though the recreational vehicle driven by the five children was not the same as traditional ATVs, Star City Motor Sports says safety needs to be the number one priority.

“ATVs are easy to ride and they're fun, you know, and so a lot of people get recreational enjoyment out of them, but you really have to follow the guidelines because they can get out of control, so you got to be careful,” Sadler said.

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