Red Cross blood drive gives gifts of life

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

Sometimes the greatest Christmas present doesn’t come in a gift wrapped box.

Blood donations are the gift that keep on giving.

"It is the perfect gift, although it is for a stranger, it is the perfect gift. It can save somebody’s life, or it can give somebody more time with their family and friends if they have a chronic illness," Samantha Pollard, American Red Cross, said.

Channel 8 partnered up with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive Tuesday.

It was right in our parking lot on 10th and Arapahoe Street.

Samantha Pollard with the American Red Cross says the need for donations grows at this time of year. It has to deal with cold weather and busy holiday schedules.

"When you donate blood you are literally saving someone’s life, I think that a lot of people associate a need for blood during a traumatic accident where somebody looses a lot of blood in a car accident, but people need blood for so many reasons," Pollard, said.

Kevin Brennan makes it a priority to donate when he can. He has 0- blood, a universal type, and feels that giving is the least he can do.

"People can make excuses for not giving, but you get past those excuses and you just get up and go do it," Kevin Brennan, donated blood, said.

Other donors say their small gesture has a much larger reward, potentially giving someone their life back.

"Just to help people that need blood and they say they are always short with blood and just to lend a helping hand," Jeff Salomons, donated blood, said.

In about one hour, a single donation can save up to three lives.

There will be three more blood drives on Thursday December 22nd from 10:15 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Charles H. Gere Library, Loren C. Eiseley Branch Library and Bennett Martin Public Library.