Red Cross volunteer information session

By:Dan Messineo

The super storm that has devastated parts of the East Coast and left thousands without life’s basics has sparked a local movement. The Cornhusker Chapter of the American Red Cross said many people have contacted them wanting information on how to volunteer for disasters like Super Storm Sandy.

Gina Troncone, a Red Cross volunteer and currently helping out on the East Coast said this type of work has changed her life, “It’s a priority in my life right now. It’s giving back to the community. It’s helping others and it also helps me become a better individual.”

The Cornhusker Chapter of the American Red Cross is hosting 2 meetings to answer questions about how to get involved with relief work.

-Red Cross Volunteer Information Session
-Tuesday, November 13th
3:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m.
-Cornhusker Chapter
220 Oakcreek Drive
Lincoln, NE 68528

Officials there will explain what volunteers might do. “Sheltering for the displaced people. We do mass care as far as feeding goes. A lot of times they’ll send me into for disaster assessment. Then we do case work and we start figuring out longer term relief for the people,” disaster relief worker Randy Neeman said.

In the wake of Sandy, so far the Red Cross has served over 3 million meals and distributed more than 121,000 relief items such as blankets and hygiene kits. “It’s wonderful to see somebody smile, you know that everything’s ok,” Troncone said.

For more information, you can call Ashley Howard at 402-441-6387.