Red Ribbon Week Focuses On Teaching Kids About Drug Abuse

This week across the nation, teachers are trying to spread the word about drug abuse. And they're targeting elementary students. It's called Red Ribbon Week.

As the whole school chants “Stay Drug Free,” each student wears miss matched shoes. Mayor Colleen Seng told the kids she was unaware of Tuesday's rule. So she removed one of “her” shoes. It's just a simple reminder with a message to say no to drugs. The teachers say it's a great way to teach kids about a very serious subject.

Red Ribbon week festivities are going on at several area elementary schools. If you would like to take your kids to a drug free activity outside of school, there's one at Skate Zone on Monday. Admission is only a dollar. Kids “K” through 2nd grade skate from four to six PM. 3rd-through-5th skate from 6:30 to 8:30.