Redevelopment plans for the VA move forward

Posted by: Abigail Wood

You may be wondering about the attempts to redevelop local Veterans Affairs property. We have an update. 

At the beginning of the month, the US Department of Veterans Affairs gave the green light to an Enhanced Use Lease allowing the Senior Foundation to redevelop a chunk of property on the Lincoln VA campus.

"Now that the VA and all parties have signed on to the EUL we’re ready to take the next step and move forward with the project," said Senior Foundation President Mark Richardson.

This, after years of work, and push back from a community concerned the property will be open to some non-veteran seniors. The Senior Foundation, however, says while there will be some non-veteran services, their priority is still veterans.
"People out in that neighborhood came in and expressed certain concerns they had for this project that was one of them: are you going to take away this property from the veterans?" Richardson said. "And absolutely not. The primary focus for an enhanced use lease with the veterans is going to be the veterans."

The 60-acre enhanced use lease has two main goals: help eliminate veteran homelessness, and help the VA lease excess property.

"As soon as we have this redevelopment agreement signed, that’s one final step," Richardson said. "Once that redevelopment agreement is signed, then we can begin construction for veteran’s housing, so that will be the first step."

City council must approve the plan by October 17th; then the developer says it’s a matter of weeks before they break ground.