Refugee aims to become police officer, honored with magic moment

Posted By: Sarah Fili

"Life was still really hard because we had to really be careful because we are Yezidi and people were Muslim and we had to be extra careful."

Five years ago, Diana Elias and her family were living in Iraq, trying to stay alive amid the threats of violence and bombings. Going to school was not an option, let alone achieving her career goals.

"I just like, that’s my dream becoming a police officer and I just want to maintain and help community,” Elias said.

After a long, grueling process, the Elias family was accepted as refugees to the United States. Diana enrolled in classes to learn English, nailed an internship with the university of Nebraska-Lincoln police department, and volunteers. Now, she wants to give back to the community that gave her these opportunities.

"Helping in maintaining community, so I just,  its always my passion like working with communities and helping people not just my community Lincoln community anyone,” she said.

Union Bank and Channel Eight teamed up to make her holidays a little brighter, giving her several gifts including a laptop to finish her criminal justice degree. For her, becoming a police officer is something bigger than herself.

"I will be the first Yezidi female in my community, and I just want to stand up for females in my community because in my country we as females are not allowed to become have a career or finish education so that’s why I want to come to the United States for freedom and to have something to pursue and I want to show my parents that we have come here and want to have a better life,” she said.

We wish this strong woman and her family a happy holiday season, and good luck on making the force.