Refugees Who Recently Fled Iraq To Live In Lincoln Speak Out

Millions of people have been watching this war from their living rooms. Some, more intently than others. From refugee Zaynub Al-Batat's point of view, the closer ground troops get to Baghdad, the less likely her family will survive this war. Zainab Al-Batat has a lot on her mind these days. Because most her entire family lives thousands of miles away-in Baghdad

Zainab and her husband fled Iraq in 1997. They ended up in Lincoln. For the first 25-years of her life she lived in Baghdad, and saw firsthand, Saddam Husseins rise to power. She occasionally talks to her parents and sister, who still live in Baghdad. Her father refuses to flee, and leave their family business behind. They say they aren't afraid of being hit by allied bombs. instead, they fear Saddam Hussein will unleash chemical weapons.

Communicating with her family isn't easy for Zainab. Her families phone service is up and running, but because the system is so busy. Only one in one hundred dialing attempts is successful.