Registration for Lincoln marathon to begin soon

By: Ashley Harding

Lincoln runners will soon be able to start signing up for the marathon. You better do it soon, so you don't miss out! Last year's marathon filled up in just a few weeks and many runners were left out.  

 It's that time of year again when thousands of Lincoln runners start preparing for that triumphant moment when they cross the finish line. This year, Glenn Beasley plans to run his first ever half marathon. He just bought a new pair of shoes for the occasion.

 “It's a little daunting to go from not running more than one mile a week to eventually being able to run 13.1 without stopping…and hopefully at a fast pace,” said Beasley.

Even though registration for the half marathon doesn't officially begin for another three weeks, Beasley plans to sign up for the full this Saturday. This way, he can secure his spot in the race. Officials say runners who do this can later drop down to the half. With only ten thousand 10,000 spots available, that might not be a bad idea.

Eric Heyl with the Lincoln Running Company says trying to get a spot once the race is full is out of the question. Too many runners can become a safety hazard.

“Especially certain areas like Highway 2 become a little bit bottle–necked. But because of the way it starts, we do everything we can, every measure that we can to make it a safe environment for everybody,” said Heyl.

If you're serious about hitting the pavement next May, you better plan on signing up soon. Registration for the full marathon is this Saturday and costs $80. The half marathon costs $60 and begins on the 21st. If you sign up for the full but drop to the half, you'll be out that $20. 

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