Remembering Cory Adams

Cory Adams's wife, Mandy, speaks out for the first time about the loss of her husband.

Mandy Adams  is coping with what happened that night on Branched Oak Lake, but she says it still doesn't feel real.  

“It's so weird not having him here….I just haven't realized that he's not coming back.”

Adams and friend, Jim Sullivan were fishing on a boat on the night of March 5th, when there was an explosion on board.  Both men jumped into the frigid water.  Sullivan swam back to the boat and was rescued.. Adams never made it to shore.  His body was found in the lake several days later by a rescue dive team.

It was more than 2 weeks ago.. Mandy said good-bye to her husband, Cory.  He was headed out to Branched Oak Lake like he had done a number of times before.

“He got in the car before he left…he came back in and said, “Mandy, I need my bait bucket,” then he left with a big smile and no regrets.”

Cory would not return. “Its just so weird that he's up there and I'm still here…I'm just numb.”

Mandy says fishing was what Cory loved to do, but it's who he was as a person that so many people will miss.

“If someone needed something he would be there.  He was just so devoted to his friends.”

Mandy says he was a comedian and he could always make you laugh.  He loved sports and couldn't wait to coach his girls. 

Now, Mandy and their three daughters:  Brook, Jaylee and Ella are trying to move forward.  But, they'll never forget the memories of a husband and a father, taken too soon.

“Right now we are just taking it day by day… I don't know how I will feel in the future…I'm still in that first stage…just day by day.”

Cory did not have life insurance.  Family and Friends of the Adams' are putting together a couple of benefits including a silent auction on May 10th.  A fishing tournament will be held at Branched Oak Lake on May 14th at 9:00 a.m.   For more information on how to help Mandy and her daughters, log onto:  

A fund has also been set up at any Union Bank branch.