Students And Faculty Remember Basketball Coaches

By:  Cole Miller

Tonight, students and faculty remember those they lost in the tragic van accident that happened East of Broken Bow.

As the lights come on in the broken bow gym, two men are absent.

The tragic accident claimed the lives of three people, including Zane Harvey and Anthony Blum, who coached the Indian's boy's basketball team.

Blum was just 24–years–old and had finished his first year with the team, a team he was turning around…”he was just a great friend, a great teacher, a great coach and a great role model for our kids. And Zane just echoed exactly what I said…all for the kids. He coached 3 sports. He was a single guy and he put all of his love in the kids and school,” Assistant Athletics Director, Ryan Hogue says.

Blum and Harvey, along with nine players, were returning home from a basketball camp in Kearney Friday afternoon.  They were passing through Ansley when the pickup driven by 70–year–old Albert Sherbeck passed the center line, hitting their van head on.

Broken Bow Senior, Anne Nariegarner says, “um…it's going to be very, very hard. Because you can never replace somebody, I mean, both of those guys. Yeah, they'll find people for the positions, but they will never replace those 2 guys.”

“If anything would've happened to anyone of those boys, he would've been very, very worried. And so would've coach Harvey.”

The grieving is just beginning…and the focus turns to caring for the players who were injured.  “It's just a matter of trying to wrap our heads around it. They're gone and we still have 8 students to care for.”

Now Anthony and Zane will be looking down from the rafters on the team and school they so dearly loved…

Of the eight players, we know two were treated and released, six are still at area hospitals, their conditions are unknown.