Remnants Of Another Marijuana Growing Operation Found

Another marijuana grow house has been raided.

This time it happened in a north Lincoln neighborhood, bringing the total number of busts to 13.

A little more than a month ago, Lincoln police raided three grow operations and called them the biggest busts they'd ever seen.

Now  thousands of marijuana plants have been seized and the number of grow houses continues to rise.

That house, what police call the 13th marijuana grow operation the Lincoln Lancaster county narcotics task force has raided since march 5.

Many of the earlier homes had hundreds of marijuana plants like these inside.

Lincoln police Sergeant Michon Morrow, tells me no marijuana was in the Silverthorn home, just remnants from the grow site.

There was mold throughout the house, holes in the walls and electricity diverted to an outside source.

No one was living in the home, no arrests have been made.