Report Released On Seward Bus Crash

The Government has released it's findings in the bus crash that killed 3 Seward High School students and one parent in 2001. The National Transportation Safety Board's findings place some of the blame on the bus driver's inexperience with the bus being driven. But investigators say the most compelling piece of evidence involves several failures by the Nebraska Department of Roads. They say those problems led to hazardous driving conditions which ultimately caused the severity of the crash. Those failures include a faulty guard rail–which gave way when the bus crashed because it was not repaired properly. The report says the rail should have kept the bus into its lane. Investigators also blame the overall design of the construction zone. A member of NBST says the speed that was allowed through that construction zone was too high and the width of the path of the lanes going through there was rather narrow. The Department of Roads issued a statement earlier today, refuting all of the board's findings. Channel 8 contacted the Seward School District and they declined to comment on the investigation at this time. Lawsuits have been filed against the state of Nebraska and the Seward School District. The school settled all claims totaling five million dollars, the maximum amount the school can be sued for under state law.