Republicans and Democrats plan for general election

By: Jenn Schanz 

After a nail biting finish in Tuesday’s Primary, Republican nominee for Governor Pete Ricketts joined the rest of the state’s GOP for a unity rally Wednesday morning.

“Running for office is not something you do by yourself. You need the help and support of thousands of people across the state, and I was very blessed to have so many people help me out on the campaign,” says Ricketts. 

The GOP victor in the Governor’s race was within just a sliver of runner–up Jon Bruning. Ricketts won by just over one percent.

Joining Ricketts was Ben Sasse, the GOP Senate candidate who won by a landslide, with almost half the votes.

“This race was spirited, and I had the chance to run against and learn from three extraordinary men,” Sasse said. 

Both men congratulated their Primary opponents, and spoke about their focus moving forward; ousting the Affordable Care Act, and strengthening the private sector.

On the Democratic front, lone candidate for Governor Chuck Hassebrook is ready for November.

“We’re going to run a strong race in the fall. You know Nebraska is certainly a state that leans Republican, but Nebraskans are an independent lot,” Hassebrook says.

His top priority is focusing on education, and increasing funding for pre-k programs. 

In the Senate race, Democrat Dave Domina beat his opponent Larry Marvin with 67 percent of the votes. Like Hassebrook, now that Primary is over, he’s ready to get down to business, fighting for social programs and veteran benefits.

“I’m really excited to be to the general election, have a defined opponent and really get started engaging in the issues. We’ve got things to talk about,” Domina says.