Republicans Speak Out After Kerrey Releases Ad

By: Sabrina Ahmed 

Bob Kerrey released an ad today, attacking the state senator about a lawsuit from the 90's.

“The ad is over the top, it's outrageous, it's false,” Republican Chairman Mark Fahleson said.

Nebraska's GOP leaders say this new ad is just not the truth.

Bob Kerrey says, in 1995, Deb Fischer's neighbors, the Kimes, let others use their land.

“Deb Fischer and her husband asked for that favor.  They asked if they could let their cattle graze and cross on the Kime land,” Kerrey said.

After they used the Kime land for some time, Kerrey says the Fischer's filed a suit against them—claiming the property was theirs by way of adverse possession.

In Nebraska, after someone solely occupies land for ten years, they can try to take ownership.

When Fischer took the Kimes to court, the judge ruled against her.  The Kimes still had to pay $40,000 in legal fees.

“If your neighbor did this to you, would you want them representing you in the US Senate?” Kerrey asked today.

The Nebraska Republican Party says this is not as big a deal as Kerrey says it is. Chairman Mark Fahleson says it's a run of the mill boundary dispute because property lines are vague out west.

“The fact of the matter is—in America and in Nebraska, when people can't decide where property boundary is, you let an impartial decision maker, such as a court, make that decision.  That's all that law suit is about.”

The Kimes have since passed away. Fahleson says, since they're unable to speak on the issue, no one can hear their side.

“No one featured in the Bob Kerrey ad was a party to that law suit, they have no first hand knowledge regarding it,” Fahleson said.

Kerrey did respond to the GOP's comment of it being a run of the mill boundary dispute, saying it was not.

He says it was a case of Fischer trying to seize land from an elderly couple.