Residential Accident Caused by Cell Phone Use

By: Kali Nicole

As cell phones continue to rise in popularity, so do the accidents they cause on the roadways. A prime example is a crash that happened over the weekend in a Lincoln woman's back yard.

Police say Samuel Loliwa was on his cell phone Sunday morning when he took out the Lockett family's garage and car. Unfortunately, accidents like this one aren't all that rare.

“We were just shocked, I mean, you wake up and notice one of your car's gone and your garage door is open,” said Donetta Lockett. The worst part is that police say this probably could have been avoided. Police said Loliwa was distracted by his cell phone when the accident occurred.

Police say Loliwa was so upset by the crash that he left his Ford Explorer at the home. According to Triple A, these crashes really shouldn't surprise us. They report driving while using a cell phone quadruples your risk of a wreck. “I think about that everyday, it wasn't just yesterday, you see a lot of things going on with the cell phones,” said Lockett.

In fact, 11 percent of drivers are on their phones at any given time on the road. Luckily for Loliwa and the Lockett family, they didn't end up part of the 20 percent of people injured by distracted drivers. “I thank God because you know it could have been our life instead of the garage. One of us could have been getting off of work or coming from somewhere so I thank God that it was just the car,” said Lockett.

Loliwa was cited by police for careless driving and leaving the scene of the accident.