Residents dig out and deal with slick roads after first snow

        Lincoln residents woke up to and had to dig out of this winter’s first snowfall. Snow blanketed the city overnight and while it made it feel more like Christmas, it also made for messy road conditions.

        John Schmitz out shoveling and he didn’t think the roads were bad at all, "No, but just looking at this, I mean it’s pretty obvious to me this is nothing."

        The city started preparing for the snow before for the first flakes started flying last night. Sixty-three crews worked through the night, treating roadways with brine and clearing them with snow, with main roadways being the priority.

        "Our criterion for plowing residential roads is four inches and the official depth at the airport is three inches and so that’s why we’re not plowing residential with this storm," said Travis Laughlin, the district supervisor for public works.

        Some residents were angry with the cities decision not to plow residential areas, but with the holiday weekend, the city doesn’t have the staff needed to get to every roadway in Lincoln.

        Schmitz didn’t think residential roads needed to be plowed because there wasn’t much of the snow, especially compared to years past, "I don’t think it’s going to be a problem at all i don’t think the roads are bad at all, this is nothing. You should have been here for the winter of ’83, this is a piece of cake."

        The first snow of the season also serves as a great reminder to residents to leave plows extra space when they’re out this winter.

        "We’re out there trying to get roads cleared for you guys and make it safer for everybody to travel and a little but of space helps us accomplish that faster and more efficiently," Laughlin said.