Resort in the works for Firethorn Golf Club

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Firethorn Golf Club could be getting a resort area just in time for its 30th anniversary this August.

“The fact that Firethorn has the room to be able to build a separate family–oriented fun amenity type package that’s away from the main clubhouse is a great way to do it if you can,” Firethorn director of development and sales, Jim White, said.

Firethorn already has a pool, restaurant and clubhouse, but the pool isn’t regulation size.

Under the proposed plan, a new pool and lounge area, along with a second clubhouse and restaurant would take its place. There would also be tennis and volley ball courts, bocce ball and a fitness center. There’s allotted space for several homes and townhouses on the property. It would be privately funded.

Member Trish Petersen lives nearby. She’s looking forward to the new amenities Firethorn could offer.

“The pool’s so old and so is the club house,” Petersen said. “So that’ll be a great addition.”

Petersen’s husband is a big golfer. But Petersen isn’t. That’s why she said she’ll take advantage of the smaller par-3 course that’ll also be part of the resort area.

“It’ll be great for me who’s just an entry level golfer who can kind of grow into the larger course we have here,” she said.

White said he wants Firethorn to be competitive. If the city council approves the project, White expects it’ll be good for business.

“Every club at some point in their history reaches a point where their membership is getting older,” he said. “They need to bring in new blood, new families to keep the club viable and sustainable.”

 If the plan goes through, construction would begin this summer. Fore membership information, click here.