Restore a Muscle Car holds a blood drive

Today Restore a Muscle Car held its first blood drive as a response to recent mass shootings in America.

The local car shop, located north of 56th and I-80, decided to make a difference and try to help in any way it could.

Dave Hall, the owner of the local car shop, wanted to honor the Las Vegas shooting victims. Hall was inspired by his manager Justin, who also wanted to step up and help and show support in any way possible after the recent string of mass shootings.

"We have the American Red Cross here today. We’re doing a blood drive from 10 to 4pm today. Trying to get as many people to stop out, check out the shop and donate some blood for a good cause for our country," said Hall.

Seeing so many people from the local community come out to donate blood was a wonderful sight.

"It makes us feel great. There’s only so much we can do when there is different things happening across our country like the shooting that just happened down in Texas – whatever we can do from wherever were at is what we want to try to help out with."

One local woman who came out to donate, Cary Bartholomew, knows the importance of giving blood firsthand.

"I am a nurse so I see everyday the importance of having a blood supply for patients who need it. As a recipient of a blood transfusion, anytime I get the chance to give back I always like to do that," said Bartholomew.

Samantha Pollard, who is the communications manager for the Red Cross, was thrilled to set up today’s blood drive with Dave and his body shop. Pollard is also encouraging others to join in.

"Anybody can be like Dave. if you have an organization or your own business, or if your church or school wants to put on a blood drive please reach out to the Red Cross," said Pollard.

The final tally for today’s blood drive was 21 units to put toward helping approximately 63 patients.

For more information on how to get involved, please visit