Ricketts beats Bruning in GOP governor race

Posted by: KLKN Newsroom, 8@klkntv.com

Six candidates squared off in Thursdays primary election to become the republican candidate for governor.

Republican Pete Ricketts pulled out the victory in a neck–and–neck battle with Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning. State Senator Beau McCoy came in third, and State Auditor Mike Foley took fourth place. Tom Carlson and Bryan Slone rounded out the pool of six Republican candidates.

The only Democrat running, Chuck Hassebrook, moves on to Novembers general election.

The final numbers show Ricketts won with just one percentage point over Bruning. With his family by his side, Bruning conceded the race just before midnight.

“This hurts bad.  I’m not going to lie to you.  I mean this hurts.  I worked as hard as I could work.  I know we all worked as hard as we could work.” Bruning added, “This is our system.  This is our american system and i’m going to stand up tomorrow morning and I’m going to support Pete Ricketts.”

Ricketts says he’s been campaigning for about 8 months, racking up over 30 thousand miles driving around the state. He told a packed room of supporters that the campaign is far from over.

“We are now on a journey that is going to take us through November,” Ricketts said. “So, it’s no time to let up this road. This road has just begun.”

Now it’s on to the general election in November. Pete Ricketts will face the Democratic nominee Chuck Hassebrook in Novembers primary election.

Analysts say Ricketts has the edge in the race considering Nebraska hasn’t elected a democrat for governor since 1999.