Road Changes Near UNL

One of the major phases of the Antelope Valley Project kicked into high gear Thursday, and it will affect how you get around in one part of Lincoln.

Early on Thursday, it was slow going as motorists made their way around the new changes. North 17th street is now permanently closed from “Y” to one block south. Drivers headed north on 17th will have to turn left on a connecting road. Needless to say, officials from the Department of Roads are expecting these street changes to cause a few problems for unsuspecting motorists.

This latest round of construction is all part of the Antelope project, a multi million dollar program which will improve transportation and storm water management here in Lincoln over the next several years. Even though some folks are pretty steamed right now, city works officials stress that the improvements being made will greatly improve getting around the Capital city. Now, both 16th and 17th have changed over to 2 way traffic.

If you still have questions or would like more information on the project…you can go to the city's web site at