Road construction slows down drivers downtown

By: Ian Hest

The “O” street closure isn't the only thing slowing down drivers. Many roads are reduced to just one lane. Workers will repave roads from “K” to “Q” and across from 9th to 17th. Each street is expected to take about a week or two, and “K” and “L” are already completed. 

Public works says the project is a much needed facelift to downtown roadways, and the minor inconvenience will produce a big pay off.

“I can come in and avoid most of the lane closures and that kind of thing. With traffic as bad as it is right now it kind of saves me time,” Lincoln resident Curt Inbody said.

“I have to work down here and if there are events I want to go to I'll go ahead and go. It wouldn't stop me from going,” Lincoln Resident Carol Harrah said.

Work is expected to be completed in November.